14 Back Issues of The Audio Critic Are Now Available as Downloadable PDFs.

Back issues of the former print version of The Audio Critic aren’t like back issues of ordinary audio magazines. They aren’t yesterday’s news. Each issue addresses fundamental questions, concerns, and disputes of audio, which are as relevant today as they were at the time of publication. Some of the equipment reviews are out of date; others are still applicable to current products; but the reviews are only half of The Audio Critic. The other half is timeless, or at least highly enduring—articles, critiques, music reviews, humor, all with a long-range audio perspective. The 14 back issues offered here are like an informal reference library of audio, to go back to time and again.

The front cover of each issue displays a summary of what you will find inside. The following brief tags are only hints to guide you.

Download Issue No. 16
Wire/cable exposé, loudspeakers, etc.
Download Issue No. 17
Loudspeakers, interconnects, bass optimization, etc.
Download Issue No. 18
Preamplifier survey, audio celebrity interviews, etc.
Download Issue No. 19
More loudspeakers, preamps, interviews, etc.
Download Issue No. 20
Power amplifier survey, loudspeakers, interviews, etc.
Download Issue No. 21
Digital jitter explained, more loudspeakers and electronics, etc.
Download Issue No. 22
Loudspeakers, subwoofers, high-end reviewer hypocrisy, etc.
Download Issue No. 23
McIntosh survey, FM tuners, surround sound, etc.
Download Issue No. 24
Good and bad guys of audio, more loudspeakers, subwoofers, FM tuners, etc.
Download Issue No. 25
Good/bad guys continued, subwoofers, how to be a sophisticated audiophile, etc.
Download Issue No. 26
The 10 biggest lies in audio, the best FM tuner, SACD, etc.
Download Issue No. 27
DVD-Audio, the first Don Keele speaker review, the most accurate preamp, etc.
Download Issue No. 28
Floyd Toole on loudspeakers, more Don Keele reviews, AV electronics, etc.
Download Issue No. 29
More Don Keele speaker reviews (incl. the Walsh design), more AV electronics, etc.