Introducing Our Web ’Zine

As of February 15, 2005, The Audio Critic is no longer a print publication but a Web ’zine. We have migrated to the Internet.

This is a radical change, with both advantages and disadvantages. It required a radical decision that was not made lightly. The new Web ’zine format allows us to add equipment tests and other articles just about every week, bit by bit, continuously, like a blog, instead of the long months of silence between print issues. On the other hand, the permanence, tangibility, and esthetic value of a printed publication with graphic design, a “book” that you can hold in your hand, is now gone.

Our reasons for the change were many and compelling. Printing costs have skyrocketed. Mailing costs are out of sight. Even the cost of distributing retail copies of the magazine to the various bookstores and newsstands has increased beyond reason. At the same time, our subscriber base (as distinct from our retail base) has been slowly shrinking, consisting mainly of elderly people, alas. Advertisers are hard to find with that kind of readership, not to mention our laggard publishing schedule. On top of it, your Editor/Publisher got old and no longer has the patience for boring business chores that have nothing to do with equipment testing or writing.

Click here to access the Web ‘zine.