“There is a countervailing force among audio magazines… I'm referring to The Audio Critic…an effective antidote to the self-serving silliness of the other audio-buff publications… The Audio Critic's reviews are models of rationality, coherence, and technical competence.”
—LARRY KLEIN in Electronics Now
(Larry Klein is the former Technical Editor ofStereo Review, predecessor of

“I always enjoy reading your nice little magazine. It is a pleasure to see that you have managed after all these years to continue to speak the truth and keep your sense of proportion and humor.”
Emeritus Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin

The Audio Critic…shines by an absence of the typical technical nonsense that I find in all the other audio magazines. On top of that the tone of presentation makes it so much more readable…”
Linkwitz Lab, Corte Madera, CA
*of Linkwitz-Riley crossover fame

“…‘Accountability in audio journalism' and your no-nonsense, rational approach to product reviews are a refreshing change and a source of continuing entertainment for me.”
Andover, MA
*of D'Appolito speaker geometry fame