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DUKABEL USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, USB Chip External Soundcard
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1. Best Overall: DUKABEL USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, USB Chip External Soundcard

DUKABEL USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, USB Chip External Soundcard offers a slim and compact design that fits in your pocket or bag so easily. This adapter is made with a special chip that allows you to use it on all devices, from laptops and tablets to smartphones, without having to worry about compatibility issues. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Sound BlasterX G6 Hi-Res 130dB Gaming DAC, External USB Soundcard

Upgrade your games with the latest in-game audio processing technology. With the Sound BlasterX G6, you can enjoy a thrilling 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound experience and a discrete headphone amp to power your favorite pair of headphones. Read Review

3. Best Convenient: USB Soundcard, TechRise USB External Stereo Sound Adapter Splitter

TechRise USB External Stereo Sound Adapter Splitter is a flexible and powerful solution for your portable device needs. Great quality audio, easy to set up, and powerful features make this product essential for any computer user. Read Review

4. Best Connectivity: UGREEN USB to Audio Jack USB External Soundcard 3.5mm Audio Adapter

UGREEN USB to Audio Jack is a great portable sound card that connects your PC to your computer speakers, earphones, or any other 3.5mm audio device. With a smart chip, you can enjoy high-quality sound and music playback as well as recording. It is also compatible with all systems. Read Review

If you want to get the best recording quality possible out of your computer, investing in an external sound card is the way to go. A good soundcard will not only improve your in-game audio but also make it easier for you to record and produce high-quality audio.

It’s also a great way to add some extra oomph to your recordings as well as reduce any unwanted background noises that might be coming from your computer. In this guide, we’ll discuss the Best external soundcard on the market today and help you choose which one is right for you.

Our team had to focus on researching and sifting through many hours to get such results for readers. These studies are based on customer star reviews and interviews about their feelings when using the product. When it comes to finding the best external soundcard, we believe DUKABEL USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, USB Chip External Soundcard is worth the product to buy. If you're looking for additional options and more in-depth advice, you may check out the following.

Our Top Picks

Smart Chip: The usb external sound card is built-in with DUKABEL's exclusive advanced chip for the better listening experience. Efficiently Decoding the signal of sound, and optimizely amplifying the analog signal to make a much clear sound. For optimize experience, we recommend to use with DuKabel cables.

Compact yet Durable: Usb to microphone jack adapter with premium metal casing and durable braided cord, ensuring a much longer lasting life. Much more durable than other plastic casing USB adapters. Comes with a 12-month free warranty.

One for All Compatibility: Usb audio jack adapter support CTIA standards TRRS headsets and microphones. No system limitation. Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, Linux, Google Chromebook, Windows Surface 3 pro, Raspberry Pi and PS4 PS5 etc.

2 in 1 Essential: DuKabel USB to aux adapter supports listening + speaking, dual functions. Easily adds a 3.5mm TRRS aux port (integrated microphone-in and audio out interface) to your devices. This stereo to usb adapter can work for your PC, PS4, PS5, Laptop, Desktop, and more. *DO NOT work for TV/Car/PS3/Truck etc.

0 to 1 Setup: The DuKabel USB audio adapter is super easy to setup. Simply plug and play. The USB port will be automatically recognized by system in seconds. No driver download required, no external power required.

7.1 VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND AND DOLBY DIGITAL | Enjoy the latest in immersion technology with Dolby Digital decoding or Sound Blaster’s proprietary surround sound perfect for games and movies

UPGRADE YOUR GAMES ON PS4, XBOX ONE, NINTENDO SWITCH, AND PC | Get immediate increased enjoyment over basic motherboard and controller audio! Apart from incredible audio quality, the Sound BlasterX G6 boasts gaming-centric features such as Sidetone volume control and easy-to-reach profile buttons

DISCRETE HEADPHONE AMP | Custom-designed Xamp headphone amplifier features discrete components through all stages of amplification in a bi-amp design. Each audio channel is individually amplified to deliver a whole new level of pristine audio fidelity in an authentic, unaltered lossless model. The ultra-low 1 Ohm output impedance perfectly drives performance-grade sensitive 8W in-ear monitors all the way to studio-grade 600W headphones

INDUSTRY-LEADING AUDIO PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY | Enjoy full audio customization and enhanced audio realism with immersive 7.1 surround virtualization, accurate cues, bass boost and in-game voice communication enhancements. It also has Scout Mode than enhances in-game audio cues, letting you hear your enemies before they hear you

130dB DNR, 32-bit 384kHz DAC Advanced 32-bit oversampled multi-bit modulator with mismatch shaping technology eliminates distortion, ensuring audio is streamed with the highest level of detail and fidelity

MIXER FUNCTION: Multi-channel will bring you a “surround sound” experience. Mini LED and surround sound can improve the level of gaming audio. Microphone/Headphone mute function allows the headset and loudspeaker mode to switch freely providing 16 kinds of rhythmic pattern and 23 kinds of environment mode, without unplugging from the computer.

OPERATIING SYSTEM: The external USB 2.0 sound card adapter can work with all major operation systems like Windows 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ Server 2003/ Vista/ Win 7/8/10, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

ADJUSTABLE AUDIO SOUND: The volume of the output audio can be adjusted by the volume roller on the control panel. Adjust the appropriate sound volume according to your needs.

NO DRIVER REQUIRED:Headset USB adaptor, international USB connector, no extra drivers are needed, easy to use, plug and play for instant audio playback. Lightweight and portable size make it convenient to take anywhere.

3.5mm JACK DEVICE: USB audio sound card, supports normal stereo, earphone, headphone, headset or microphone with 3.5mm jack, Raspberry Pi 2/3 Xbox PS4 Surface Tablet Laptop, especially for gaming headsets. International standard USB replaces traditional sound card. You can also use microphone and headphones together on iMac/Mac Mini devices with our product.

USB External Sound Card: 2 in 1 USB audio adapter supports listening & speaking, easily adds a 3.5mm aux TRRS port (integrated audio-in and audio out interface) to your devices. Note: It does not work with headset with separated headphone and microphone 3.5mm audio port.

Smart Chip: Built-in with advanced smart chip supports automatic recognition of CTIA and OMIP standard headsets, This USB to Audio jack efficiently decoding the signal of sound ensures the minimum distortion rate, offering you better listening experience.

Superb Sound Quality: USB external sound adapter adopted Advanced C-Media IC technology for optimal sound quality and device performance. Which enables you to bypasses a broken sound card or audio jack of your computer to regain audio function.

Compact and Portable: The Aux to USB is slim size with ultra compact design and durable aluminum housing, Plug and Play, no driver required & USB bus-powered. Note: This audio adapter works with 3.5mm TRRS headphones.

Universal Compatibility: This external sound card can work with any standard USB Audio Class enabled system including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, Linux, and PS5 PS4, Google Chrome book, Windows Surface 3 pro, Raspberry Pi etc. Note: Does Not Work for TV or Car.

UPGRADE YOUR PC SOUND: With support for analog and digital audio output for stereo to 7.1 channel audio applications, the bus-powered audio to USB adapter upgrades the existing integrated audio on a desktop or laptop computer; 1m USB Cable Included

EASY INSTALLATION: The digital audio adapter is easy to install with plug and play support in Windows 7/8.1/10; The external sound card features easy-to-use volume controls and mute buttons; The audio outputs are selectable via the included software

QUALITY AUDIO: Supports 44.1KHz and 48KHz sampling rates for analog playback and recording; SPDIF Digital output only supports 48KHz audio playback; SPDIF optical input passthrough supports up to two-channel audio at 48KHz

7.1 USB SOUND CARD: This External Sound Card adds up to 7.1 channels of audio through a single USB port to your computer; This sound card supports 7.1, 5.1 and 2 channel output using 3.5mm jacks, a headphone port, line-in and stereo microphone inputs

MULTI-PORT SOUND CARD: PHOINIKAS external sound card is a sound card with audio chip, it has 6 ports, 3 of which are USB2.0 ports, and the other 3 are 3.5mm ports. Multiple ports can be plugged in at the same time, no additional adapters are required.

STEREO SOUND ADAPTER: The External sound card has 360 ° stereo sound surround to prevent electromagnetic interference, and has stable and best sound quality. Ideal for Skype / ICQ / Google Hangouts / Team Speak, it is also suitable for operating a second source of speakers and headphones simultaneously.

PERSONALIZED FUNCTION & 4 FEET CABLE: The sound card has a variety of sound effects, you can switch by "EQ", also has mini LED indicator, surround sound, unique volume control keys, microphone mute, speaker mute and volume up / down function keys, You can change traditional volume controls and increase the level of game audio. In addition, with a 4 feet cable, you can place your sound card anywhere.

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all common systems, including Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac IOS, etc. At the same time, you can connect multiple USB devices or 3.5mm interface devices to PC, laptop, PS4, Xbox One, etc., such as keyboard, mouse, card reader, webcam, MP3 player, earphone, microphone, etc.

PLUG & PLAY USB SOUND CARD: PHOINIKAS USB audio adapter can be used to replace a faulty sound card or audio port. Add a 3.5mm port to the computer through the USB port. You can connect devices with 3.5mm jacks /2.0 USB jacks through the USB interface: headphones, speakers, microphone or USB device. Plug and play, no driver required.

【No drivers】USB sound card is easy to use, no extra drivers is needed. Plug and play for instant audio playback. Microphone/Headphone mute design makes the headset and speaker mode switch freely without unplugging anything from the computer. Output audio sound can be adjusted by the volume adjustment wheel.

【Operating system】The External USB 2.0 Sound Card Adapter can work with all major operation systems like Windows 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ Server 2003/ Vista/Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS, etc. Lightweight and portable size makes it convenient to take everywhere.

【Wide application】Designed for 3.5mm jack and virtual 7.1 channel devices like headphones, headset or microphones that stop working or have issues with output cutting in and out. USB headset adapter is also suitable for sound card in the computer/laptop/desktop that dying or losing connection with motherboard. You can also use mic and headphone together on iMac/Mac Mini devices with our product.

【Mixer function】Mixer Function can adjust the output electronically level. Functional keys including microphone-mute, speaker-mute and volume-up/down roller. The mini LED indicator and surround sound can improve the level of gaming audio. Two headset jacks with one microphone jack can satisfy all your needs for an usb external sound card adapter.

【Louder previous-sound】Louder the sound that computer cannot do by itself, create surround sound effect which will bring you fantastic feelings. USB audio adapter supports normal stereo, earphone, headphone, headset or microphone with 3.5mm jack, Raspberry Pi 2/3 Xbox PS4 Surface Tablet Laptop, especially for gaming headsets.

【PLUG AND PLAY】Plug and play, no drivers needed. Compatible with all the commonly used system including Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Vista, Mac IOS systems.

【USB HUB FUNCTHION】Conventional external sound card will take one USB port, meanwhile Micolindun GM-280 expand one USB ports to two.  The 2 USB ports are compatible with USB disk, hard disk, mouse, keyboard, laptop cooler, card reader, USB fan and other commonly used USB devices. Quick response, without delay.

【EASY TO CARRY】This little device with diameter of 5,5cm and lightweight of 100g can be easily put in your pocket or handbag without any burden.Frosted surface materialgive you a wonderful touch, the bright RED/BLUE light enhance the atmosphere of gaming.

【REPLACE FAULTYDEVICES】Perfect to replace a faulty sound card, damaged 3.5mm audio port, or a broken USB audio adapter. With textile flexible cable of 1.2m, you can put the sound card on your desk, so easily plug your devices without bending over.

【EXTERNAL SOUND CARD】Micolindun external sound card has its own audio chip, can turn one USB port to several 3.5mm ports, so can connect 3.5 mm audio devices like headphones, headset, speakers, microphone, etc. Support single plug and dual plug headphone at the same time, no adapter needed.

USB OPTICAL AUDIO: Supports 44.1 and 48 KHz sampling rates for analog playback and recording or 48 KHz for SPDIF.【The audio adapter's SPDIF optical pass-through port supports two-channel audio, this port does not support 5.1 or 7.1 audio.】

7.1 USB AUDIO ADAPTER: High Speed USB 2.0 compliant host interface, with transfer rates up to 480 Mbps.

EXTERNAL 7.1 USB SOUND CARD: Full 7.1 / 5.1 / 2.1 audio outputs via 3.5mm mini-jacks | Dual microphone input. (VLC media player suggested)

OS COMPATIBILITY: Compatible for Win 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 (Included Software Only for Win 11/10/8/7).

USB SOUND CARD: Optical S/PDIF input (pass through) and output | Built-in volume control buttons | Full-duplex recording and playback.

🎧【High-quality materials】USB headphone and microphone audio adapter equipped with high-quality aluminum housing and nylon braided jacket, which ensured to offer stable audio signal & excellent lossless transmission texture experience. It is much more durable than other plastic casing and PVC cable USB adapter.

🎧【Hi-Fi Sound】The inner chip support digital decoding, which can allow various functional formats to play and protects against electromagnetic interference. You can hear an improved bass performance, greater detail across the frequency spectrum, better attack speed, stereo, expanded soundstage and enjoy the best sound quality.

🎧【2 in 1 Essential】JSAUX External Sound Card supports listening + speaking, dual functions. Adds a mono microphone-in (Green one) and a stereo audio-out (Red one) port to your computer through a USB port, enables you to connect your existing headphones, headset, speakers, or microphone with TRS 3.5mm jack to your PC, laptop, through a USB interface.

🎧【Wide Compatibility】The External USB Sound Card for Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry pi, PlayStation PS5, PS4, PC, Laptop, Speaker, external TRS Microphone, headphone, earphone, and more. ❌❌Please note it only supports mono microphone TRS, it does not support TS, TRRS. Not compatible with PS3 and car.❌❌

🎧【Plug and Play】No drivers installation required, just easily plug and play. The USB to 3.5mm female port will be automatically recognized by system in seconds. No driver download required, USB bus-powered, no external power required.

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What to Look For in a best external soundcard?

Is it necessary for you to purchase best external soundcard in 2022 from Amazon within the next few hours? Perhaps you've just learned about something which can benefit friends or family members but aren't sure where to turn or who to trust.

So, we're here to help. Our new article will show you how to purchase the best item for your necessities quickly so that it arrives on time and as expected. It's that easy!

Swappable OpAmp

High-end sound cards offer the option of swapping out their OpAmps. Different OpAmps can provide different audio characteristics. Audiophiles love the ability to personalize their sound card's sounds.

DAC Quality

The first thing to look for in a sound card is the quality of the Digital-to-Analog-Converter. The DAC module is responsible for audio playback. A better DAC will result in a more natural sounding track.
How can you determine the quality of a DAC's DAC? The SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) is a common indicator of the DAC's quality. It simply refers to the volume of the intended useful sound compared with the noise that is not being used.

High-end sound cards can provide a SNR of up to 124 dB. The majority of motherboards that have onboard audio solutions offer an SNR between 80 and 90 dB. This is quite a difference considering decibels can be logarithmic.

Moreover, in addition to the SNR, the DAC also controls bit depth and audio sampling rates.

The latest high-end sound card can provide 24-bit, 32-bit and even 32-bit audio at a sampling rate of 192-kHz to 384-kHz. These specifications roughly define the audio quality of the sound card, although there are other factors included such as gold-plated connectors, Electromagnetic-Interference shielding, etc.

Software Features

Because everyone has their own preferences, the software capabilities of a sound card are essential. It is actually one of the most important reasons you should get a soundcard.

Virtual Surround Sound is the most prominent feature. It's often used with headsets to improve spatial awareness in games, particularly in esports. These software solutions can also provide advanced audio features like customizable frequency response, equalizer settings and other options.

Channel Support

For a fantastic home theatre, 5.1 channels are essential. Many of the latest sound systems feature the 7.1 and 7.2 surround sound. These audio systems give the illusion of 3D sound and provide incredible immersion.

Only the sound card can provide separate channels to the system. Many sound cards can provide virtual 7.1 sound through audio processing, but only a handful of cards offer true surround sound support. If you have a high-end, 7.1 home theatre system you may be using costly external audio solutions. However, if this is the case, then you should consider upgrading to the most recent 7.1-channel sound card.

For headphone users, the majority of high-end headphones can be used as stereo headphones. You will only get surround sound via the sound card's Digital Signal Processing.

Dolby Atmos' latest format provides 3D sound, but comes with a lot of requirements. Although there are some 7.1 surround headphones on the market with as many as ten drivers, their audio latency makes them less appealing than high-end stereo headphones.

Additional Power And Connectors

Some sound cards, in addition to the minimum requirement for the motherboard's PCI/PCI Express slot, require extra power to run the components. This connector is typically a Molex connector.


There are two kinds of interfaces when we talk about the computer. The first is an interface between the soundcard and the computer. The second is an interface between audio devices and the soundcard. The latest sound cards require a PCI-Express slot. Make sure to have another, free slot.

The audio interface must be inspected at the ports of the sound card. Some sound cards support multichannels via RCA jacks, while others utilize 3.5mm jacks. Some sound cards have 3.5mm headphones whereas others provide 1/4-inch or 6.3mm headphones.

Headphone Amplifier

An essential component in sound cards is the Headphone amplifier. It is required if you have studio-quality headphones. These headphones have higher impedances, so they are not compatible with low-end sound card that don't include a headphone amp.

Studio-grade headphones that have poor audio solutions will result in low volume. If you wish to purchase studio-grade headphones with poor audio solutions, ensure that you get a sound card that has a dedicated amplifier for your headphone. The supported impedance should be greater than the rating of the headphones.


What Alternatives To Sound Card Do Exist?

A comparison of sound cards and alternatives to them. The most popular alternative is the USB headset. It can play both music and voice. The downside is that USB headsets are limited in audio quality, typically 16-bit 48kHz. They cannot produce high frequency frequencies sufficiently well to reproduce music and speech. There may also be latency problems with USB headsets for playing digital audio streams from computers.

Are USB Audio Cards Good?

If you're a filmmaker or video editor, USB cards may be your best choice. An external chipet can be used to connect it to other consoles, whether it's a computer or laptop. If you are looking to enhance your audiophile level, USB audio cards can be very useful.

Do Audio Cards Really Make A Difference?

An audio card's main purpose is to enhance sound quality when playing video games or listening to the in-game sounds. Even with a high-end headset, the inbuilt sound card on a PC or gaming console may be dull. You need a sound card with balanced sound to balance the sound.

What Is The V8 Soundcard?

The version number V8 indicates the type of audio card that you'll be using. Multi-function models are the basis of this audio card. This is currently the only chip that allows dual-mobile use. Both iOS and Android smartphones can use the sound card to play games.

How Long Does The Soundcard Battery Last?

These chipsets are available in two versions. The one you see will likely be an internal PCIe card, while the other might be an exterior card. The power source for your motherboard will supply the internal cards with the power. They do not need a battery. To get power, some external devices can be connected to the computer via a USB connector.

Which Is The Best Audio Card?

It can be difficult to find the right audio card. The right card will improve surround sound capabilities and provide great results.

What Makes A Good Sound Card?

High signal-to noise ratios and low distortion are the hallmarks of a sound card. Your soundcard's SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) will have a greater ability to reproduce audio signals and not introduce unwanted artifacts.


Its features, not its name, are what define best external soundcard in 2022. This may seem self-evident, but it's easy to become fixated on a specific company or brand due to its reputation. We strongly advise you to consider your needs and determine which products will assist you in meeting them. With our options above, if you can't choose any suitable one, let's check Creative Sound Blaster X4 Hi-Res 24bit/192kHz External Soundcard. Wish you a nice shopping day!

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