The Best High Resolution Music Players For 2023

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Best High Resolution Music Players
Best High Resolution Music Players

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: HiBy R3 Pro Music Player

HiBy R3 Pro music player combines HiBy OS professional music player system with an MP3 player, Bluetooth, and WiFi to create a perfect solution for your audio needs. The powerful tuning system is built into the power of sound tuning MSEB algorithm, and the equalizer provides powerful customization options. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: SHANLING M3X Music Player

SHANLING M3X Music Player has a 4.2-inch high-resolution sharp IPS screen, giving you excellent movie viewing and music enjoyment. It also features a dual ES9219C DAC, allowing the DAC itself to have rare MQA hardware decoding, as well as a built-in long-life 3200mAh lithium battery and use low power solution. The SHANLING M3X Music Player can run for 23 hours on a single charge so you never miss a beat! Read Review

3. Best Quality: MECHEN Music Player

MECHEN is a high-end music player that uses professional lC DSP audio and imported DAC dual decoding, DAC hard decoding chip uses high power. The clear song title and lyrics are displayed on the screen, which can be easily read during outdoor activities. Read Review

4. Best Efficient: FiiO M11S Hi-Res Music Player.

The FiiO M11S Hi-Res Music Player is a pocket-sized high-performance audio player that delivers impressive sound quality and is able to handle various parameters. Plus, with the help of its big 4 core / small 4 big architecture, it can deliver a smooth phone-like experience for you. It has powerful 670mW output power, excellent performance, and support decoding up to 384kHz/ DSD256. Read Review

5. Best Performance: FiiO M11Plus Music Player

The FiiO M11Plus is a portable music player that is loaded with the power to give you a smartphone-like experience. The M11Plus uses the Snapdragon 660 with a 4 big / 4 small core architecture to provide a smooth and powerful music experience. Read Review

Having the best listening experience is something that even the most dedicated of listeners can struggle with. There are so many ways to enjoy and discover music these days, and choosing a player that suits you best can be difficult. To create the perfect listening experience, you’ll need a high-quality player that supports your preferred audio format.

Luckily, there are plenty of options available. And while some are better than others, they all have one thing in common: they’re great for advanced music listeners and aficionados alike. Here, we take a look at some of the best high-resolution music players available today.

We think the best high resolution music players that is available now is HiBy R3 Pro Music Player. The HiBy R3 Pro is an innovative high-resolution audio player that offers a professional music player system with an easy-to-use interface. It comes with a built-in equalizer, a powerful tuning system, and a customizable sound-tuning function.  We also provide you with a SHANLING M3X Music Player model that you may consider if the top product is not your choice. And bellow is the helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 HiBy R3 Pro Music Player
Our Score:

[Support multiple formats of music players] Support PCM 32bit/384kHz, DSD256 native, MQA 16X unfolding, compatible with APE/WAV/WMA/WMA Lossless/FLAC/DSD/DFF/ISO/AIFF/M4A/MP2/ MP3/AAC/OGG Vorbis/OGG opus and other music formats .*ISO DST format is unsupported.

[Customize the sound] Powerful tuning system, built-in equalizer and MSEB(Mage Sound 8-Ball )Tuning, modulate personalized sound.

[Streaming MP3 Player & Internet Radio] Support Tidal & Qobuz Streaming online, support Internet radio.

[MP3 player with Bluetooth and wifi] supports Bluetooth formats such as AAC/SBC/APTX/LDAC/UAT, as well as 2.4&5.0 Wifi/dlna/airplay/hiby link and other wireless connection methods. * APTX does not support two-way. Support WIFI to transfer songs, do not support downloading third-party applications.

[High resolution audio player] Dual ES9219DAC, dual crystal oscillator, high-performance fpga chip - good hardware builds the foundation of hifi sound quality. The professional music player system HiBy OS provides a smooth operating experience. Everything is just for you to enjoy real high fidelity sound quality.

[Other features] Custom theme/Ebook/pedometer/hardware control key/breathing light

[Customer Service] Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

[Multifunctional MP3 Player]: This music player is equipped with multiple jacks for different functions. PO/LO 3.5mm port and BAL 2.5mm port output, USB2.0 support USB DAC in put/out put, SPDIF USB port output and OTG function. Micro SD card slot, expandable memory up to 2TB (playlist can only scan up to 20,000 songs, but can play all songs on the memory card by folder sorting)

[Enjoy music] 1600mAh battery, 50 days of standby time, 20 hours of single-ended playback, 15 hours of balanced sound playback

TOP Choice #2 SHANLING M3X Music Player
Our Score:

【Long Battery Life】-- Shanling M3X Mp3/Mp4 Bluetooth music player has a built-in 3200mAh lithium battery and uses a low-power solution, Can run for 23 hours in single DAC mode, 46 hours in Bluetooth mode, 20 hours in dual DAC mode, and 19 hours in balanced mode.

【High Performance Dual ES9219C DAC】-- Shanling M3X adopts dual ES9219C DAC, which enables the DAC itself to have the rare MQA hardware decoding function. With the CPU, it can support MQA 16 times fully expanded, and at the same time, it also ensures a high signal-to-noise ratio while maintaining low power consumption.

【Legendary Octa-Core Snapdragon 430 and Opened Android 7.1】-- Means that in addition to the commonly used music apps, you can also download your favorite radio dramas, audiobooks and other software.In addition, Shanling M3X 2+32GB+1TB is expandable, you never have to worry that your memory will run out.

【Excellent Audiovisual Experience】-- 4.2-inch Sharp IPS high-definition display, a smaller screen with a 3:2 ratio,support 720P, 1080P high-definition video and HiFi lossless music playback.Shanling M3x player has everything that an excellent Mp3/Mp4 player should have. It brings you unparalleled Film viewing and music enjoyment.

【More Features】-- 3.5mm & 4.4mm dual interface;Two-way LDAC Bluetooth and USB DAC(support up to 384kHz/32bit,DSD256)+USB Audio/DAC etc.

【Customer Service&Technical Supports】-- Dear customer, you can contact Shanling if you have any questions, whether it is technical consultation or after-sales service, we will answer you 24 hours a day. And our products provide 1 year maintenance service, we will replace them unconditionally if there are any quality problems in the products.

TOP Choice #3 MECHEN  Music Player
Our Score:

【HIFI lossless sound quality】 The lossless music player adopts professional DSP audio lC + imported DAC double decoding, which can effectively restore the real scene. The DAC hard decoding chip adopts the new WM8965 and Ti company's TPA6530 high power. Supported audio formats: MP3(8-48kHz,8-320kbps)、WMA(8-48kHz,5-384kbps,STD 8-96kHz)、WAV(8-192kHz)、APE(8-96kHz,high; 8-192kHz,fast)、FLAC(8-192kHz,LO-L10)、ACC(8-48kHz,8-320kbps,LC)、OGG(8-48kHz)、DSD 128(5.6MHz).

【High-resolution music player】 The player adopts a 2.0-inch display with a resolution of 320*240, LCD display, intuitive and concise UI interface, user-friendly software operation is clear at a glance, the display has high color saturation, and can display lyrics and music. song title.

【Portability and Service】The size of the player is: 2.2*0.6*3.5 inches, and the weight is about 176g. The small size easily slides in and out of any pocket. Perfect to carry. This product has a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and 1-year exchange service. Please feel free to contact us by email and we will reply you within 24 hours.

【Fashionable craftsmanship】The non-destructive music player is made of high-precision CNC aluminum alloy shell, which is elegant and portable, and does not leave fingerprints. The unique scroll wheel control wheel can quickly find the track function and is very responsive. The independent menu key and return key have a one-key lock screen function, which is easy to operate.

【Large capacity + large memory】The player has a large capacity battery of 1500 mAh, which can be fully charged in 2 hours and play continuously for 25 hours. The M30 player has no built-in memory, but an additional 64GB SD card has been inserted into the player, allowing you to better manage your song files without worrying about the memory capacity.(Expandable up to 256GB)

4 FiiO M11S Hi-Res Music Player.
Our Score:

[Low noise]: the M11S has a low noise floor of 1.9μV, 62% lower than the previous generation.

[Dual ES9038Q2M DAC design]: Excellent performance, supports up to 384kHz/DSD256 decoding.

[670mW high power output]:Under a 32 ohm load, single ended power output is 167mW while balanced power output is at a healthy 670mW

[More features]: Large 5300mAh battery+2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm headphone outputs + Two-way LDAC Bluetooth + Two-way Type-C + USB Audio/DAC + QC4.0/PD quick charge

[Legendary octa-core Snapdragon 660]: In the M11S music player is a Snapdragon 660 with a 4 big / 4 small core architecture plenty capable of providing a smartphone-like smooth experience.

[Android 10 OS, no SRC globally] Featuring Android 10 with a global SRC bypass, you can install music streaming apps such as Apple Music and listen in full lossless quality whenever you want!

5 FiiO M11Plus Music Player
Our Score:

[High Performance ES9068AS*2]: The M11Plus portable audio player is equipped with 2 of the now out-of-production ES9068AS DAC chips with their unique, soft, and natural charm that will allow you to rediscover your music all over again.

[Legendary octa-core Snapdragon 660]: In the M11Plus music player is a Snapdragon 660 with a 4 big / 4 small core architecture plenty capable of providing a smartphone-like smooth experience.

[All to DSD ]: All to DSD technology is now in its 3rd generation, with 30% lower power consumption compared to the previous gen, less unwanted harmonics, and a softer, purer sound.

[New Android 10 version]: The M11Plus bluetooth mp3 player contains the first iteration of FiiO's version of Android 10. New functions such as dark mode, night mode, and three navigation options give you new ways to further enhance your media experience.

[Fully balanced THX AAA-78*2]: The THX AAA-78 amps of the THX AAA Frontier series will let you experience every last sound and detail faithfully restored and placed in the soundstage, as if you were in the recording studio.

[More features]:11.5hours battery life+2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm headphone outputs + Two-way LDAC Bluetooth + Two-way Type-C + USB Audio/DAC + SPDIF output + QC4.0 quick charge + 2.4/5G WiFi + DLNA + WiFi file transfer + FiiO Link + AirPlay

[MQA 8x decoding support]:The M11Plus mp3 player supports decoding MQA tracks in 8x mode – allowing for rich, master-quality sound reproduction with high sampling rates in manageable file sizes.

6 Astell&Kern KANN Music Player
Our Score:

A truly powerful high-resolution music player, bit-to-bit playback up to 32bit/384kHz and Native DSD (DSD256) and a quad-core CPU for outstanding response and performance

Up to 12V of ultra-high Power output; Multiple Audio Output Modes - Audio outputs: 2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm headphone & for the first time, 4.4mm balanced port

Dual ESS ES9068AS DACs, LED Volume Wheel, MQA & MQA-CD playback support, DAC Filters,

WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 (LDAC, aptX HD) for wireless streaming including Open App Streaming for online/offline on select apps such as Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.

Up to 14.5 hours of continuous playback with 64GB of internal storage and 1 microSD card slot

7 FiiO M17 Music Player
Our Score:

[Desktop-league DAC ES9038PRO]: The left and right audio channels each contain a desktop-class, 8-channel ES9038PRO flagship DAC. This means that each audio channel has 8 parallel outputs summed together for superior resolution and minimal distortion for extremely pure audio reproduction.

[Immense 9200mAh battery]: The massive 9200mAh battery allows for a battery life of up to 10 hours on the M17 music player. It can be charged either through USB or through DC in from an external DC adapter. Battery capacity: 9200mAh; Charging time: 4.5 hours; Charging protocols: QC4.0+PD; Battery life: 10.6 hours (single-ended), 8.6 hours (balanced).

[Connection methods]: With speakers: DC+LO+speakers; With computer: USB DAC+headphones; With desktop DAC: USB/coaxial output+DAC; With hard drive storage: DC+USB2.0+hard drive+headphones; With Bluetooth headphones: Bluetooth transmitter+Bluetooth headphones; Coaxial decoding.

[Desktop-class THX 788+ headphone amp]: Desktop-class amplification also plays an important role in the M17 audio player. FiiO and THX jointly developed the exclusive THX AAA-788+, an upgraded version of the original op-amp. Compared to the original, output power is increased by 225% up to 3000mW per channel with a lower output impedance – allowing it more effortlessly power all kinds of headphones.

[Desktop-quality power supply]: The M17 digital music player contains two power supplies – a battery power supply and a power supply powered by external DC power. The battery power supply allows you to use the M17 lossless mp3 player in situations where there is no access to a power outlet. Under DC power supply, voltage in the analog circuit is increased by 35% up to 11.5V compared to under battery power supply; and the battery is kept healthy since it is not used in this mode.

[Desktop-tier heat dissipation]: With exceptional audio quality comes with large power consumption, so effective heat dissipation was a large focus when designing the M17 music player. Not only are "H" type heat dissipation and VC liquid cooling technologies adopted, the bluetooth mp3 player M17's 151g unibody aluminum alloy frame also effectively transfers heat out of the device. Finally, the cooling fan stand also further makes sure heat is rapidly transported away.

[Desktop-grade gain]: Under battery power, there are 4 gain levels: low, medium, high, and headphone mode. When under DC mode, the enhanced over-ear headphone mode gain is unlocked, with a truly desktop level of amplification gain. In balanced output, gain can get as high as 16dB – allowing the M17 audio player to easily drive most headphones.

[Radiant RGB ambient light]: The M17 bluetooth mp3 player features a seven-color RGB ambient light system with extensive customization options. Colors can be set to be either fixed, to follow the audio, or to follow a cycle. The brightness of the ambient light can be set to change depending on the current power, volume, or temperature. And finally, the top and side ambient lights can even be controlled separately, allowing you to dial in exactly how you want your dazzling lights to be.

[A true smartphone-like experience]: Android 10 OS open to install 3rd party apps; Bluetooth 5.0 with support for aptX Adaptive, supports up to DSD512 and 32bit/768kHz, supports MQA 8x unfolding for master-level sound.

[Desktop-level connectivity]: The M17 mp3 player features : 3.5mm output: headphone out/line out; 6.3mm output: headphone out; 2.5mm output: balanced headphone out; 4.4mm output: balanced headphone out/balanced line out; RCA coaxial port: coaxial input and output; USB 3.0 port: supports USB Host and Device modes, can be used for high-speed data transfers and fast charging; USB 2.0 port: supports USB Host mode, allowing external DACs or hard drive storage to be connected.

8 Shanling M6 Ultra Music Player
Our Score:

【Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier Circuit Design】-- Shanling M6 Ultra Equipped with 4X AK4493SEQ chips from AKM,QUAD-DAC parallel.M6 Ultra uses an OPA1612 op amp as an adder for each DAC, so that the 4XDAC is responsible for the positive and negative circuits of the left and right channels, reducing mutual interference, and thereby achieving a four-channel fully balanced output, while using 2xOPA2211 op amps Do low-pass filtering, bring low noise and high bandwidth, make the signal purer.

【Dual WiFi, High-Speed Transmission】-- Shanling M6 Ultra adopts Qualcomm WCN 3980 WiFi module, which not only supports 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, but also supports MIMO technology, making data transmission more stable.

【Customer Service&Technical Support】-- Dear customer, you can contact Shanling if you have any questions, whether it is technical consultation or after-sales service, we will answer you 24 hours a day. And our products provide 1 year maintenance service, we will replace them unconditionally if there are any quality problems in the products.

【Excellent Audiovisual Experience】-- Shanling M6 Ultra Coming with a beautiful 5-inch LCD panel from Sharp, offering 1920*1080 resolution at 441PPI, stunning colors and great viewing anglesFitted into the “Floating Screen”design of the front panel, some system option buttons are designed with metal-like UI,providing for better user experience.

【More Features&Parameters】-- Bluetooth 5.0 full format|16X MQA|Hi-Rea Audio|Hi-Rea Wireless Audio|DSD512|768kHz/32bit|OP+BUF Audio Architecture etc.

【Super Battery Life,Support Fast Charge】-- Shanling M6 Ultra is equipped with a large 5650mAh battery, which can support 3.5mm single-ended output for 13.5 hours, 4.4mm balanced output for 9 hours, and Bluetooth transmission for 58.8 hours. In addition, Shanling M6 Ultra also supports 18W fast charging, allowing you to quickly replenish power.

【Legendary Octa Core Snapdragon 665 and Opened Android 10】-- A fully open system. And with the AGLO( Android Global Lossless Output) technology by Shanling, all your music will be processed correctly and at its full quality.Not only Android, Shanling M6 Ultra also supports DLNA, Airplay, NAS and other functions to easily realize streaming media playback in various scenarios.The octa-core Snapdragon 665 is more than enough processing power for any application and ensures fast system performance.

9 FiiO M11 Music Player
Our Score:

Powerful hardware configurations: Six-core processor chip Samsung Exynos 7872 + Flagship DAC chips dual AK4493.Decoding: Up to PCM 384kHz/32bit + Native DSD256 + iSO tracks in DST codec.

Storage: 3GB RAM (free to install and run any third-party Android apps according to your needs) + Up to 2TB expanded storage

In-cell touch screen: 18:9丨720P touch screen丨Full-view display丨10-point multi-touch丨312 pixel density (PPI)丨16.7M number of colors丨1440x720 resolution

Added Google Play framework on new firmware for M11PRO/M11

More features: 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm headphone outputs + All To DSD + Two-way LDAC Bluetooth + Two-way Type-C + USB Audio/DAC + SPDIF output + QC2.0/MTK PE quick charge + 2.4/5G WiFi + DLNA + WiFi file transfer + FiiO Link + AirPlay

10 FIWWAT H2 Touch Music Player
Our Score:

♬【Dual Control Mode】Equipped with a 2.45 Inches/480x360pixels OLED IPS high-definition display screen, clear and delicate display, lower energy consumption which is more power-saving. It utilizes a blind button operating design and an IPS touch screen of smartphone quality, which is convenient to operate. Full-fit high-sensitivity & full-screen capacitive touch control, convenient and accurate.

♬【Multi-function Selection】: Support music playback, E-book, independent clock system, moto digital voice recording (up to 48kHz). This Hi-Fi players adopts DMIC digital recording, and the audio format and sampling rate can be set arbitrarily. In addition, it support background playback, you can listen to music while reading books.

♬【Exquisite Craftsmanship】Adopt the zinc alloy shell,CNC integrated molding, exquisite and compact. High-grade zinc alloy chassis lends the player its sturdy protection.

♬【Long Playback Time】: Built-in 3.7V 1500mAh rechargeable li-ion battery, this mp3 player supports up to 10 hours of music(MP3 128Kbps) playback on a single full charge. High current fast charging, fully charged in about 3 hours.

♬【Multiple Audio Formats Supported】: The HIFI player has the newest DAC audio decoder chip(ESS9218PC) integrated in, which offers greater audio resolution and restores the original sound. Lossless audio formats DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 (.dff &.dsf),DSF,DFF, FLAC, ALAC , APE, WAV . Also support MP3,Aiff,OGG,WMA,AAC(m4a) and more audio formats.

♬【High-quality Decoding Function】Adopt ESS's top DAC chip ES9218PC, which supports USB DAC decoding function, can be used as computer external sound card. Low noise and low jitter passive crystal, perfect hardware solution of DSD128 high-quality lossless music.

♬【Larger Storage】Free 32GB TF card (included) to expand as memory and support a TF card up to 512GB. Easily and fast transmit files between audio play and your PC via the USB-C port.

♬【Why it is Genuinely HiFi Player】:DAC ES9218PC chip, bidirectional Bluetooth support aptX, THD ≤ 0.005%, SNR ≥116db/1KHz, Channel Separation>75db, Dynamic Range>116db, Frequency Response Range from 20Hz to 20kHz, support line out, SPIDF output, and external USB DAC.

♬【2-Way Bluetooth 4.2】: With Bluetooth 4.2, this Hi-Res digital music player supports lossless music playback and double-way lossless wireless bluetooth transmission with APT-X protocol. It works either as a sender to deliver signal or as a receiver to wirelessly amplify audio. Easily connect and enjoy your life.

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What to Look For in a best high resolution music players?

Storage Capacity

Also, you should think about the MP3 player’s storage capacity. You should determine how many videos or songs you want to store and what data your computer has. You will then be able choose the right one. Storage capacity can now range from just 1 gigabyte to an amazing 160 gigabytes.

Battery Life

It is important to decide if the player will be used on long journeys. Consider buying a model with a longer life battery if you do. Some players can last up to 30 hours. It may be shorter if it is being used frequently.

Size, Weight, And Shape

People who care about how the MP3 player looks and feels are likely to consider this factor. You can choose between a small and discreet one that you can conceal in your pocket or one larger to display to others.

Display Type

There are currently a variety of display options. There are three types of display available: Touch Screen; Multi-Touch Retina Display and Color Displays. You can make choices with touch screen displays. Multi-Touch Retina displays are the next generation of touch screen displays. They allow for selections to be made with just the touch of your finger. These displays are more easily readable by humans than standard touch screens. As the name implies, Color Displays are displays with colors. These displays cannot be controlled by a finger and are simpler. Color Displays are typically found on MP3 players. They have buttons that enable you to navigate the MP3 player.

Ease Of Use

Also, you need to assess how simple the MP3 player can be used. If you are going to be using it, you might choose a more complicated model. If you're giving the item as a gift, you should choose one that is easy to use and intuitive.

Features Available

Some buyers consider other features before purchasing, such as an FM plus recorder or voice recorder and alarm facilities.
There are many features that can be added to your MP3 player depending on its brand. The more features your MP3 player has, the more it will cost you.

Sound Quality

An MP3 player that provides excellent audio quality is the one you'd choose if you were a musician. An individual who isn't knowledgeable about sound quality and music wouldn't know the differences between different MP3 players made by different companies. Sony MP3 players are considered to have the highest sound quality.


What is a resolution music player?

A1: A resolution music player is a type of device designed for playing high-resolution audio files. It is typically a dedicated music player, but can also be a smartphone or tablet with a specialized app. Resolution music players are designed to produce a superior sound quality when compared to traditional audio players.

What types of audio files can a resolution music player play?

A2: Resolution music players are typically capable of playing various types of digital audio files, including FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAV, and DSD.

What is the difference between a resolution music player and a regular audio player?

A3: The main difference between a resolution music player and a regular audio player is the sound quality. Resolution music players are designed with higher-quality audio components and features that enable them to produce a superior sound quality. Additionally, resolution music players are capable of playing a wider variety of digital audio files than regular audio players.

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