The Best Large Touch Screen Monitor For 2023

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Best Large Touch Screen Monitor
Best Large Touch Screen Monitor

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: PHILIPS 242B9T Touch Screen Monitor

The PHILIPS 242B9T Touch Screen Monitor Featuring a stunning full HD 1920x1080 IPS panel, smooth touch capability, and an IP54 water and dust-resistant rating, this monitor helps prevent daily dust and splash water ingress. It also features built-in stereo speakers and a VESA mount, allowing for charging flexibility and increased productivity. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: ViewSonic TD2423D Monitor

The ViewSonic TD2423D Monitor features a stunning Full HD 1080p resolution, 10-point multi-touch capability, and a powerful, scratch-resistant, and durable panel that offers enhanced versatility. With a 1000:1 static contrast ratio, it delivers sharp images and has two built-in speakers for enhanced audio. Read Review

3. Best Quality: SideTrak Monitor

The SideTrak Monitor With its HDR Mode and FreeSync technology, you'll get amazingly realistic images with low latency. With its wide compatibility, 1920x1080 resolution, and 800:1 contrast ratio, you'll get picture quality amazingly realistic. Plus, with its touch screen and thin bezel, you'll get a sleek and modern look that is sure to impress. Read Review

4. Best Performance: AYY Portable Monitor

The AYY Portable Monitor With a Full HD resolution of 1080P, a 178° viewing angle, and a high contrast ratio of 1000:1, you'll be able to enjoy stunning visuals with deep colors and sharp details. The monitor also features sensitive 10-point touch technology, making it easy to navigate through applications with ease. Read Review

5. Best Reliable: AZMIOR Portable Monitor

The AZMIOR Portable Monitor with lightweight and portable design makes it easy to carry around, while it's large capacity built-in battery ensures you can work for hours without needing to recharge. Its 10-point touch screen is very sensitive, and the image quality is clear and sharp with Full HD 1080P resolution and 300 nits brightness. Read Review

Are you looking to get the most out of your work or playtime? If so, then you need a top-of-the-line touchscreen monitor. And when it comes to large touchscreen monitors, the sky is the limit. With the right touchscreen monitor, you can get more done quickly and enjoy a more immersive experience.

The right monitor can make all the difference from gaming to work and entertainment. We've compiled this list of the best large touchscreen monitors available. We've considered size, resolution, features, and price to ensure you get the perfect monitor for your specific needs. Whether you're a gamer, a graphic designer, or a home movie buff, one of these monitors is sure to fit the bill. So, read on and find out which large touchscreen monitor is the best for you.

Before making our recommendations, our specialists spend substantial time researching and analyzing customer feedback. Then we found the best large touch screen monitor is PHILIPS 242B9T Touch Screen Monitor. Its stunning full HD 1920x1080 IPS panel offers superior image clarity and contrast, while its smooth touch response makes it easy to control. Additionally, its IP54 water and dust-resistant rating help protect the monitor from daily dust and splash water ingress. It is the most excellent choice for its high quality. If you're looking for another one, consider ViewSonic TD2423D Monitor.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 PHILIPS 242B9T Touch Screen Monitor
Our Score:

Smooth-touch: 10-point projected capacitive display for Natural, fluid touch response, compatible with Stylus (not included) for fluid and accurate performance

Versatility built-in: SmartStand with adjustable angles, built-in stereo speakers, and VESA mount allows for versatility and boosts productivity

LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free technology provide easy on-the-eyes productivity

TOP Choice #2 ViewSonic TD2423D Monitor
Our Score:

ENHANCED VIEWING COMFORT: Enjoy less eye strain and fatigue with flicker-free technology and a built-in blue light filter

DURABLE VERSATILITY: Freestanding slim-bezel tablet design with muted black finish, stable adjustable stand and durable 7H scratch-resistant surface

ADVANCED TOUCH SCREEN: With a robust, scratch-resistant 10-point multi-touch Full HD 1080p touchscreen, versatile connections and the TD2423d is ideal for retail, education or enterprise spaces

TOP Choice #3 SideTrak Monitor
Our Score:

LARGE PORTABLE DISPLAY: This 17.3” HD IPS LED screen provides a bright, colorful, and immersive view experience! Turn on HDR and FreeSync Mode for an amazing true-to-life picture with low latency.

ULTRA COMPATIBILE: HDMI and USB-C ports allow this monitor to transmit video and power with DisplayPort to almost all operating systems including PC, Chrome, PS4, Xbox, & Switch.

ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Easily adjust your brightness, volume, display settings, and screen orientation for a more personalized viewing experience. Don’t worry about adjusting your settings each day, SideTrak Solo will keep your preferences saved.

4 AYY Portable Monitor
Our Score:

【What You Will Get】1* 15.6” Portable Touchscreen Monitors(Not support touch on MAC and Iphones), Cables x3 (Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable, Type-C to Type-C Cable, USB to Type-C Cable), 1* Power Adapter , 1*User Manual .

【Ultra Slim & VESA Mountable】Measuring only 0.24 inch/6mm thickness. Builting with 4 M3 * 6 mm VESA holes, you can easily mount the portable touch screen to a stand for landscape and portrait mode to mirror/extend the screen for high productivity and efficiency.They are truly portable computer monitors for travelers, students, gamers, engineers, and everyone.

【Full HD 1080P Portable Monitor Touchscreen】AYY 15.6 inch ultra slim portable monitor features 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60Hz.IPS panel with 178° viewing angles, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 16: 9 aspect ratio,300cd/㎡ brightness, presents vibrant colors on the screen, 100% SRGB color rendering ability, It is perfect solution for travel, on-the-go meetings, or business trips.

5 AZMIOR Portable Monitor
Our Score:

【Lightweight and Portable】Though built in 10000 mAh battery, this portable monitor hdmi figures a 2.1lb lightweight, which you could carry it everywhere like there is nothing at all. AZMIOR portable laptop monitor is also packed with a foldable protective magnetic case that can not only prevent your monitor from scratch but also be folded flexibly to provide a solid support for it.

【Clear and Sharp Image】With full HD 1080P resolution and 300 nits brightness, AZMIOR portable display monitor with battery brings you clear and sharp image. You could see more and create more. That’s why this touchscreen battery portable monitor absolutely good for gaming, entertaining, working and relaxing.

【Built-in Battery】AZMIOR portable computer monitor with battery can work for up to 6 hours without being charged and be fully powered would need 3hrs. You can acheive truly one cable connection with this portable touchscreen monitor with battery. You don’t have to take much cables when you are going out for a short meeting, picnic, or having fun with friends. No cumbersome, just simple.

6 ASUS VT229H 21.5" Monitor
Our Score:

Stunningly wide 178° viewing angles and vivid, colorful displays with IPS panel

21.5” Full HD with 10-point multi-touch capacity, suitable for any application that involves virtual keyboard or multi-touch

Flexible connectivity with HDMI and VGA

7 Asus VT229H Monitor
Our Score:
  • Display Type: IPS Widescreen Touchscreen LCD Display w/ LED Backlight
  • Display Area: 21.5"
  • Display Colors: 16.7 Million
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.2482 mm
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 (Max), 100000000:1 (ASCR)
8 FYHXele  Portable Monitor
Our Score:

【Plug and play USB-C computer monitor】Dual USB-C Ports Support DisplayPort Alt Mode and Power Delivery 2.0 Version - Both Type-c ports were full-featured can deliver data, video, audio, and power through a single usb-c cable, with laptops able to easy power the touchscreen monitor via two-way power.

【Stunning Full HD Resolution】Flicker-free technology and blue light filter 1920x1080p IPS panel offer you a all-day comfortable viewing experience.

【Magnetic Protective Stand Cover】This laptop portable monitor comes with a durable leather stand cover which can protect screen better when closed, its built-in magnet will adsorbs specific parts of the monitor to achieve landscape mode. Full-screen portrait mode for mobile screen casting is not supported.

9 CASKING Portable Monitor
Our Score:

Beautifully Durable Design: full tempered glass on the front and Aluminum on the back to make it tough. All-screen super wide 178° view that allows multiple people review work together on one screen. Wide compatibility and advanced touch feature with compatible devices make things easier and faster. Dual speakers lets you immerse in the music, videos, and the games. Oh, This travel display monitor is with a E-mode specially designed for users who like reading.

A Screen You Will Love: Beautiful,Big 15.6 inch screen packed with features to bring out the best. This portable monitor is so flexible that this portable screen enlarges, empowers your work and entertainment space. The extended monitor portable features 1080P resolution, 1000:1 contrast, and 178° view in a truly IPS panel. Also, 72% sRGB Color Gamut, 250nits brightness supported by Smart HDR, so more colors & details can be achieved. And its 6500K color temp. was corrected by calibration.

More to Love: A high-quality smart magnetic folio can work as protection cover and the stand for the portable touchscreen monitor extended screen. The USB-C port for OTG to connect the mouse and keyboard. The improved rubber sheet on the bottom screen bezel increases stable resistance. Life-time Technical Support from the expert manufacturer, 24/7 Customer Support and 12-month Warranty against Defects. Should you need support and service, start your request and we’ll find you a solution.

10 UPERFECT Y Portable Monitor
Our Score:

[Entertainment Upgraded with Colorful Flowing Atmosphere Lights]: UPERFECT First portable monitor built in Ambient Light and it has 10 working mode: Vivid, Colorful, White, Purple, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, put you in the world of gaming e-sports. Low-power Mode has also been added to this monitor, just choose what you need.

[5-point Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor]: Compatible with all system of Mac, PC, & Chrome. Adopted G+FF technology, support much more precise and sensitive touch, no extra driver needed, just connect the USB cable to your device to achieve the touch. NOTE: To realize the touch function, there must be a USB C to A or USB C to C cable connected to the USB C port on the monitor to your device directly. The touch function does not support right-click and long-press to activate the option operation.

[Full-featured Port Only for UPERFECT ]: Built in Standard HDMI port that plug-in test over 5000 times and more 2000 times than mini HDMI port; USB 3.0 port that can connect to keyboard or mouse directly and without any more adapter; Type C port that support one usb-c cable to display & power.

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What to Look For in a best large touch screen monitor?

Until now, numerous customers trust the information and advice we offer them, which means our offers to you are accurate and up to date all the time. This objective is being pursued with tremendous zeal and attention. 

It's necessary to keep in mind the following points for selecting best large touch screen monitor:

Response Time

Response time is an important feature when buying a gaming monitor because it affects the speed at which action happens on the screen. Lower response times are better and monitors with TN panels tend to have the quickest response times.

Panel Type

Panel type is the material the monitor screen is made from. The most common type of monitor is an LCD panel. There are different types of LCD panels available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Screen Size

Screen size is measured from corner to corner diagonally. Monitor screen size generally starts from 15” up to 34”. The standard screen size is now 22”. Larger screen sizes offer more versatility, you benefit from larger viewing angles, better designs with more features and greater choice with connection ports. As much as we would all enjoy a large screen, it’s not always practical. You need to consider the space you have available. Most importantly, you need to consider your budget, generally the larger the screen size, the pricier the monitor.


Resolution is the number of pixels in each dimension that can be displayed on a PC monitor. The higher the resolution, the sharper the picture quality. The most popular resolution is 1920x1080, which offers a good balance between space and picture quality. If you opt for a higher resolution, be sure your graphics card can handle the demand. Those using their monitor for gaming and professional use need to opt for higher resolution monitors. Resolution is often described in shorthand numbers such as "1920x1080", which refers to the number of horizontal lines on the display.


A bright screen is important if you’re working in a brightly lit room. The spec is expressed as candelas per square meter, or cd/m². The higher the number, the better. You can also adjust the brightness of a PC monitor with buttons or onscreen controls.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the width and height of the monitor and how it displays images and videos on screen. Older monitors have 4:3 ratios and are not suitable for widescreen formats. New monitors have 16:9 ratios which offer widescreen format or 21:9 ratios which offer ultra-wide format.


When choosing your PC monitor, you’ll need to think about how you plan to use your monitor. If you plan to watch films and TV or edit photos and video, you’ll need a range of ports. You may also consider a monitor with multiple USB ports, enabling you to easily connect game controllers, memory sticks, smartphones and other devices.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the number of times per second the monitor refreshes its image. Refresh rate is measured in hertz, the higher the number the more times per second the monitor refreshes. A higher refresh rate will improve motion resolution which means moving images will appear sharper. 60Hz is the minimum for a good quality monitor experience. But if you’re choosing a monitor for gaming purposes you want to go higher so your gaming experience will be smoother.


What is a large touch screen monitor?

A large touch screen monitor is a computer monitor with a touch-sensitive display that allows you to interact directly with what is displayed on the screen. It typically has a larger display size than a standard monitor, making it easier to interact with the screen.

How does a large touch screen monitor work?

Large touch screen monitors work by sensing the pressure of a finger or stylus on the screen and then sending an electronic signal to the computer to indicate the location of the touch. The computer then interprets the signal to determine what action should be taken.

What are the benefits of using a large touch screen monitor?

The main benefit of using a large touch screen monitor is the convenience of being able to interact directly with the screen. Large touch screen monitors provide a more intuitive interface, allowing users to quickly and easily move between applications, manipulate images, and access data. Additionally, they can be used to display high-resolution images and videos, making them ideal for presentations and digital signage. Finally, large touch screen monitors are often more durable than smaller models and require less maintenance.

How do I set up a large touch screen monitor?

Setting up a large touch screen monitor is relatively easy. First, connect the monitor to the appropriate power source and ensure the necessary cables are connected. Next, install the driver software and configure the display settings. Finally, calibrate the touch screen to ensure accurate and responsive touch-based interaction. If you experience any difficulty during the setup process, consult the user manual for your specific model.

What is the difference between a standard monitor and a touch screen monitor?

Standard monitors display images and video without any interactive capabilities, while touch screen monitors allow users to interact directly with the screen. Touch screen monitors often come in larger sizes than standard monitors, making them ideal for presentations, digital signage, and other applications where direct interaction is needed.

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